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(Unique Personal Records stAmpEd in United Nations at WIPO Patent Portfolio on 18Dec2010: PCT/IB2010/055928)


{ 三樣丕形(Eopqr)、唯心舞杨(Wbc)、氐衙正征(F89fg)、唯物味细(Ww45}


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{ 營养灌田(Wy89ab引形星图楊政昼伏关扪夜行魚围枰汇梅花后艳(Zw23 }




Securing our data in today networked info-computer world!

Subsequently promoting an environment friendly e-Society J

Save the papers and trees please. { 木星的公转周期11.86}



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字母钥:百码勉励(时效止于七年半)【HKX$0.38】、千篇梅拓【HKD$38 *1/3 = X$4.81333】(利半卅接名棋目)



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Created on 09 July 2008

Ended-1 (Outer Gravity Pull; 外行嗦力) on 10Apr2010

Ended-0 (Circulated Borders; 画圆封边) on 27Jun2014

Updated on 27 June 2016