Hacking-Free Data Storage Using Innovated DIP Switch


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This file promotes the hacking-free data storage using innovated DIP switch.

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[1] Patent licensing of anti-hacking data storage by using an innovated DIP switch.



There exists a patent application by Kok-Wah Lee under the title of “An Improved Dual In-Line (DIL) Switch for Securing Data Communication and Storage”. This pending small patent as a utility model or utility innovation (UI) [No.: UI 20070733] was filed at MyIPO (Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia on 11 May 2007. A subsequent conversion to big patent application  [No.: PI 20070733] was applied on 07 May 2008 but failed. Those two files are downloadable from here for UI 20070733 and PI 20070733. The small patent application successfully obtained a small patent grant [No.: MY-141830-A] on 30 June 2010 from MyIPO (Malaysia).


This is an invention to secure the data storage of networked computer by using innovated DIP switch. It can definitely save the data from any virtual hacking activity regardless of the computer software operating systems and computer hardware systems. There is no need to pay annual renewal fee to update the protection like firewall software. Its manufacturing costs are low due to its simple and yet practical designs.


The innovated DIP (Dual In-Line Package) switch (aka DIL (Dual In-Line) switch) is an nPST (n Poles Single Throw) or nPDT (n Poles Double Throw) DIP switch. In the first possible implementation, there is only one actuator, instead of one actuator for every mini-switch, to switch all the mini-switches on and off. In the second possible implementation, there is also only one actuator to switch a first partial group of mini-switches on and a second partial group off oppositely, and vice versa.


To realize the function of hacking-free DIP switch, there shall be at least two physical storage devices for a computer system, where one of them is the computer HDD (Hard Disk Drive), and the second can be a USB flash drive, external HDD, or a second internal HDD. When the hacking-free DIP switch is switched off, there is no network access and the second data storage device is switched on to store and manage confidential data. Due to no network access, definitely there is no possible virtual hacking activity at all to the second data storage device. When a user needs to access the network like Internet, disconnect the second storage device and then switch on the hacking-free DIP switch.


To visualize the contribution impact of this invention, one can quote some sentences as follows from a book written by Christopher Burgess and Richard Power, “Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost: Preventing Intellectual Property Theft and Economic Espionage in the 21st Century”, published by Syngress on 8 February 2008, ISBN: 1597492558. Virtual hacking over the insecure computer communications network to steal the valuable secret will reach an end upon the proliferation of this invention.


Extract from <<Secrets Stolen, Fortunes Lost: Preventing Intellectual Property Theft and Economic Espionage in the 21st Century>>


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce estimates that counterfeit and pirated products account for 5 percent to 7 percent of the global economy, and results in the loss of more than 750,000 jobs and approximately $250 billion in sales to the United States alone.


The threats of economic espionage and intellectual property (IP) theft are global, stealthy, insidious, and increasingly common. According to the U.S. Commerce Department, IP theft is estimated to top $250 billion annually and also costs the United States approximately 750,000 jobs. The International Chamber of Commerce puts the global fiscal loss at more than $600 billion a year.



Most Needed Persons:

[1] People planning to hide their originating secret keys to further access critical, sensitive and important files, database and storage.

[2] People from security and politics sectors, who are involved in sensitive info, like militant, judge, diplomat, politician, and police.

[3] People from economic sector, who are involved in sensitive info, like author, researcher, designer, patent agent/attorney, company director, general manager, accountant, auditor, banker, composer, singer, picture artist, movie director, actor/actress, student of research thesis, teacher of examination question.

[4] People from social sector, who have personal sensitive info or picture, like actor/actress, husband/wife, and boyfriend/girlfriend.


Sale Commissions:

To promote sale, agent(s), who can realize any sale contract and licensing agreement for the products and services in this business, will be compensated by a minimum commission rate of 2% throughout the validity of the business.


Intellectual Property:

[1] Kok-Wah Lee (for novel idea conception), Voon-Chet Koo (for reduction to practice), Hong-Tat Ewe (for nominal supervision) (To fulfill the condition of inventorship, the latter two names have been applied for removal.). (2007, May 11). An improved dual in-line (DIL) switch for securing data communication and storage. Malaysia Utility Innovation (UI) Application No.: UI 20070733, MyIPO. Filing Date: 11 May 2007, Grant Date: 30 June 2010. Malaysia Small Patent No.: MY-141830-A. Assignee: LEE Kok Wah.


Upon update of list of inventorship at MyIPO, Malaysia on 13 May 2011:

Kok-Wah Lee. “An Improved Dual In-Line (DIL) Switch for Securing Data Communication and Storage”, Utility Innovation (UI) Application [No.: UI 20070733], Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Filing Date: 11 May 2007. Grant Date: 30 June 2010, Small Patent (UI) No. (in Malaysia): MY-141830-A. Assignee: LEE Kok Wah.


[2] Kok-Wah Lee. (2008, May 7). An improved dual in-line (DIL) switch for securing data communication and storage. Malaysia Patent Application No.: PI 20070733 (Application to convert from UI 20070733), MyIPO. Filing Date: 07 May 2008. Conversion failed.

[3] Kok-Wah Lee. (2008, May 8). An improved dual in-line (DIL) switch for securing data communication and storage. PCT Patent Application PCT/MY2008/000040, WIPO. Filing Date: 8 May 2008. Assignee: LEE Kok Wah.

[4] Kok-Wah Lee. (2008, May 9). An improved dual in-line (DIL) switch for securing data communication and storage. Taiwan (China, ROC) Patent Application TW097117364, TIPO. Filing Date: 9 May 2008. Assignee: LEE Kok Wah.


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Created on 09 July 2008

Updated on 02 July 2011