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XKW Lee Field(s) the Map-net Archer

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(近打区[K-int-a] – 旄马海口[Bearhill] – 基山山径[Api: 11.69])



| C-space Monetary Ratios: TWD$ | USD$ | GBP$ |

| Si-space Monetary Ratios: XFX$ | SGD$ *HKD$ |


Drawings Accounts from E-Commerce Chart & Earth Base Ships(e.g. South China Sea) to JYM-Field Ferries (database | infobase)

© Copyright 16 June 2015 – 15 July 2015. Kok-Wah LEE @ Xpree Li. All rights reserved.


[1] Drawings (15Jul1999):  Drawings by Lee Kok Wah the Graphic Artist as private capital. < Click Here >

[2] Drawings (Mar2014):  Drawings by Lee Kok Wah the TJY5SCS-door Mapnet Archer, later as one of the early C/C++ template class file groups. < Click Here >


[3] Gross Estimations on Number Theory of Computer Network (Compnet), in which has been partitioned (PA) and identified (ID):

[3.1] Initial Valuation on JYY-ships = 0.05 TGB (Tera Gold Bucket), balanced off by JYM-Field = 0.05 TGB.

[3.2] Subsequent Valuation on TJY5SCS-door template(s) = 1.00 TGB.

[3.3] Spreadsheet of previous figure at 1.00 TGB = Labor(duration = 30 years, 3*10*X$100k)(total = X$3m) *#Computers(10% of overall 10 billion units = 1.0b) *#Level(Fire = 4)(#digit = 1000).

[3.4] Equivalent with Dennis M. Ritchie the Field Master in C Language for His C Tree structures at: Five times of TJY5SCS template = One time of C Language Tree Group

[3.5] Why does it say that there exists monetary equivalence?

[3.6] TJY5SCS-door is of mathematics and colorful topology natures; whereas C language tree is of digital electronics, where its waters are from physical chemistry & logics.

[3.7] On the public domain concerns of chemistry periodical table, each chemical element holds integer number five (5), categorized by Chinese Yinyang study as Earth Five Flag.

[3.8] Alternate Valuation on C Language the Computer Language = Field(USD$1.0b) *Door(10) *Language(10) *ThirdRank/6000Languages(500 times) *Draft(10%) = USD$5.0T = X$15.0T.

[3.9] Side Order of British Royal Dictionaries, i.e. Oxford corpus & Cambridge corpus, for two sources at: GBP$2.0T = X$10.0T.

[3.10] However at frontier seaports for both monetary values, the first level has to hold net value at ZERO (0) after balancing the credit and debit values.

[3.11] So, the final question is: Which currency is the base value for ground ratio? Hint: As like in either macro-economy (CN: 紫观经济) for C language or micro-economy (微观经济) for C++.

[3.12] Thus, XKW Lee’s advices: Prior to historical records into His Book of Life or Book of Death, a worker at gate level can withstand at most TEN (10) years, as mathematics operator at Water Two Flag, for a total cash income of XFX$1,000,000, commission rate given to XKW Lee is at least 0.40% (Green Color at X$4000).


[4] Drawings (29Mar2015)(past tense: May1990) for Quotable References scaled at KW Lee’s Theses via Academic Stores[IEEE(USA), XpLi Tour-subnet (Si-C spaces), IACR(Si-space), IEE(GB), IEICE(JP)]:

[4.1] Reuses and Their Pricing Rates of Other Researcher’s Literary Outputs (after the 15-year youngster testing period has been over).

[4.2] Within KW Lee the Thesis Owner and Other Researcher’s Outputs, the maximum number of layers is FIVE (5) only, or max 5 cards.

[4a] Zhongwen (ZW) Scale based on Rainbow Colors (CN: 万紫千红): Red($1000/thesisChapter), Orange($2000/bookChapter), …, Purple($10k/throughout).

[4b] American English (AEN) Scale based on Blue Color Fundamentals: Blue($5000/US_paperSolution).

[4c] British English (BEN) Scale based on pending Computer Networks (Compnet) Portable Common Language: Green($4000/GB_paperSolution).

[4d] Canadian English (CEN) Scale based on inlet(s) and outlet(s) of Metal Key Ship: Yellow($3000/Si_fullAlgorithm) in the Tour States [Calgary(Alberta); Banff(Alberta)]; Greenish Yellow($3500/Si_fullAlgorithm) in the Tour States Bearhill(Melaka); Booktown(Taiwan).

[4e] Zhongwen Church (6ZW) Scale based on Rainbow Colors & Human-prone Codes: Indigo($7500/Ar_relaxingOde).

[4f] Roles eligible for First Uses or Reuses: Field Master the Onest, Shadow-like Sunlight Follower as Sheep(ram, ewe), Mirror-image Path Tester as Goat(He-goat, She-goat) (e.g. maps, genes, babies), Tiers Cash% Bid(s) Payer within 100.0GB on annual cycles, etc.


[5] Drawings (08Apr2015): Game Cards initiated from Black Jack (二十一点) for entry card to English Speaking Countries, then coming to Poker (啤牌) for at most seven fate cards.

[5a] Side-K [Xpree K. LEE the Dealer in Info Communications Computers (Infocomm Compnet)]:

(a) Club Jack (KW Lee’s Beginning Deposit Card from His Bachelor Thesis into English Academic Library; where cash paid is 100 times multiplicand, arriving at XFX$562,100.);

(b) Club Ten (KW Lee’s Computer Networks within reach, where face-to-face meeting is possible for pairs within 15 days at most. LCM is a big serious concern here.);

(c) Club King (KW Lee’s mere uniqueness in Information Engineering, for having personal Zwen language inlet or outlet to and from C-space and Si-space);

(d) Card 4???? (KW Lee’s merest trace of colors to which color it shall be?)??!!

                (20Apr2015). Club Queen (Share Trading Session of Software Club as drawn out from the KW Lee’s the Artist Graphics [this::paragraph = 1]; Goldsmith Safekeeps(2 terminals), Transactions on Seller & Buyer, e-Cheque Issuer, Network Transporter; SW Code-1: C++ Class on forex, SW Code-2: C/C++ Class on shares buy-sell contract). Merest trace of colors: Blue amid White amid Red;

Goldsmith Safekeeps(at least 2)[CPU register and cache units made in Aurum Element, at reserved price 10% of USD$100. Present Gold price (open market call in New York state on 15Apr2015): USD$1200/(ounce = 28 gram). One (1) mol of Au shall take 80 bits.].

(e) Hidden Cards [Cards 123 (description) | ……].

(29Apr2015). [Spade Nine ( holds the Reserved Price of CPU caches at USD$10 per one unit of Aurum the Gold.) | Heart Ace (The bilingual domains of Chinese & English languages have Carbon-type inlets to Silicon spaces, and outlets vice versa, as deposited by twelve academic articles towards must-be-handled personal patent filings at portable patent offices.) | Club Ace (Military Honors on cracking down number 41419 [DNS: Domain Name System], in which shall be by luck renamed to DNL (Domain Name List; 41412), where there is an insurance pyramid trap to gamble any one brilliant youngster life for not successfully to achieve Field Master’s Identity by age 41 in April; and hence losing the normal doctorate’s marginal unidentified cash profit to remisier-insured competitors.)]

PW-1 (Plate Warning): The credit card system has a payor’s cash borrowed within 50 days from the cash pool of an insurance consortium. Thus, any e-commerce website has credit card to be the payment method, must have certain and enough cash amount kept in the insurance cash pool first, beforehand of the statistical estimations on possible cases of two Actual Fellows running two computers to play two mirror-imaging chess games.

PW-2: DNS/DNL has DNS to be a nickname traps set by ambushers in the data communication of data packets in the Internet. This is because any networking server can name by itself without outsider’s server rejection on the midway node names. By fact, the computer network nodes have all data stations and data stops identified by unique IP (Internet Packet) number only, but till now IP (ver.4) is still stranger-type replaceable, and so as the reason why 12 research articles are needed to be open in the Internet for must-be-handle personal patent filings.


(06Apr2015). NB-1 (Nota Bene): A card opened side by side per month, since April 2015 till August 2015, for five months.

NB-2: The Singapore Game within 50 years to decide the LANGUAGE SETTINGS would be ended in August 2015, since its British Parliamentary Pending Act in August 1965.

NB-3: Last Table of Casino Games in Singapore (Round-2) = {Close Round on 50th SG Independence Day; Every year once review till Ending Round in 2025AD for a decade.}

NB-4: What will happen if either party loses or wins? The winning entity will have one’s language in controls in State. Thus, no translations from personally external books are allowed, whenever the language is different. So, the debate arena is actually in Singapore before August 2015, and will be in Hong Kong before July 2047, and till then the concise British English language may find Her birthplace in Oceania, sourcing from agricultural economy and agronomy.

NB-5: The Logic of the Poker Game is the One most efficient on natural resources, and still at most five depth levels, will be the recurring winner. In Chinese language, its keyword is: 【运筹学】.

NB-6: LCM = Least Common Multiple

NB-7: Invitation to Hong Kong Si-space the One-time Price Tag: H. Rodham Clinton’s Groups for Black Jack figures, preferably female horses? On SELL or BUY or SEAPORT Gates.


[6] (17Jun2015). Natural human incomes as ID Holder of news reader, bilingual literate, graphics analyzer, etc., in C-space or Si-space.

[6.1] For data engineering (CN: 资讯) under the Claude E. Shannon’s the Field Master tree, whenever His tree structure is amplified by using the Si-space domain glocalized (global ^AND^ localize) e-brands (Zwen: 钬炆品牌), then data engineering will become data value (i.e. datav)(CN: 资料) streamlines or engineering.

[6.2] An e-brand here is practically realized by XKW Lee, by adding the Fire Spirit Fields and Metal Key Fields.

[6.3] For a total cash income of XFX$1,000,000, commission rate given to XKW Lee is at least 0.50% (Blue Color at X$5000).

[6.4] Due to the keyword “glocal”, then one who is a Black Jack holding 21 points or 2.1 GB, and assume one reads US dollars (USD$) charged newspaper(s), then the X$5000 is equivalent with USD$5000, likewise to the decade incomes of news reading shall be at USD$1.0m, simply grouped to color rate at least 0.50%.

[6.5] To help shut up the gap of 21 points, differential cash payment figures to license the Water Mutuality Field/Ships are in the following:

[6.5a] USD$2.20 per research article at 0.1GB each, up to 0.2GB in combination mode, multiplied by 2 times for both C-space and Si-space till 0.4GB.

[6.5b] Annual member fee X$500 for field table and ship structures at 1.8GB (SJM-Field & SJY-Ship), plus 0.2GB (JYM-Field stones at 2 units).

[6.5c] Remainder of 0.100GB shall be worked out by the News/Book Reader ownself, to draft at least five (5) anonymity e-files, each contained 20 proverbs, idioms, or celebrities’ sayings.

[6.5d] XKW Lee’s Warning: One’s secret code decides who the leader or the follower is, so Honesty Code at the beginning tells equal level negotiation. In the card game of Black Jack, 20-point Player is till a SPY at the arena. Only at 21 points, then One is grouped as Independent Decider, no more no less in one’s language and field. Even a foreigner started as field master is considered as a SPY, forcing a Field Master’s Thesis to be in Open Space to ease the public doubts.

[6.5e] XKW Lee’s Advices: Biology subject has more time lasting facts and figures, as One reads, recalls, recognizes, or reminded, as the sunlight or moonlight shines.


[7] (03Jul2015). Natural human incomes as ID Holder of web master, bilingual literate, graphics inducer, etc., in C-space or Si-space.

[7.1] For networking (CN: 网络学) under the Bjarne Stroustrup the Field Master tree, whenever His tree structure is amplified by using the data engineering, or Si-space domain glocalized (global ^AND^ localize) e-brands (Zwen: 钬炆品牌), respectively, then networking will become data networking (i.e. data-net)(CN: 讯网), or known-of compnet (i.e. knight or black horseman’s nickname)(CN: 晓骁部洛), respectively, in terms of transducer(s) or mapping transform(s).

[7.2] An e-brand here is practically realized by XKW Lee, by exemplifying from the Strategy Set of Earth Base Ships in South China Sea and Metal Key Field the Honesty Codes (Centipede Edition).

[7.3] For a total timing income of XFX$10 towards XKW Lee, said on biological facts & figures, hundred days later if there exists recurring second recall, then at most inversion factor of 100 if early paid off (accounting – credit side), or multiplication factor of 100 if still in debt (accounting – debit side), commission rate given to XKW Lee is at least 0.10% (Red Color at X$1000).

Ratio = X$10 *100 : X$10 /100 = $1000 : $0.10

= (2000 times) * ($1000 : $0.10) = $2,000,000 : $200.

[7.4] Due to the keyword “glocal”, then one who is a Black Jack holding 21 points or 2.1 GB, and assume one reads Chinese or English language(s), then the X$10 is equivalent with USD$10, based on one word interpreted vice versa, or an international title with alphabetical acronym, likewise to the halven seaport incomes of recurring fact reminders shall be bipartite each at XFX$1.0m, simply grouped to color rate at least 0.10%.

[7.5] Ten cents (X$0.10) on one translated word; or Ten dollars (X$10) on one international abbreviation; or One Thousand dollars (X$1000) on one nickname described.


[7.6] (04Jul2015). There a vocabulary set of 2000 words (i.e. semantic unit), there a type of seaport dialect, as according to the harmonic term series.

                Harmonic terms, T = {1/x: 1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, …, 1/20, …}, where Sum (S) of T(n)  <= 5.0 languages

[7.7] Proof-1: Chinese language seeds (CN: 中文种子句) have Her first repertoire at about 1000 words (10 bits), and accumulatively the fourth repertoire at about 2000 words (11 bits).

[7.8] Proof-2: English corpus produced dictionary, either from Oxford University or Cambridge University, has an elementary descriptive word set, formed from 2000 to 3000 words.

[7.9] Thus, as based on the conditions balance of forces, then the chemical compounds as biological food, such like glucose (葡萄糖) or sucrose (甘蔗糖) can be simulated into the data packet transmission system.

[7.10] Glucose has chemical formula C6H12O6, and sucrose C12H22O11, at a CHO ratio ~= 1:2:1.

[7.11] In other words, those natural figures tell why Philippines the Christianity Dominant has Her cane plantation in the middle island group of waters regions, and why there are only Six Grand Cash Prizes and Six Honorable Awards in the bipartite tournament, as like Western Chess.

[7.12] Likewise, out of current 6,000 computer languages, there can only be 6 honorable ones exportable, or so called portable outside the homeland USA; which means to cut junk costs of digital circuitry, most of the negative ratios of asset to liability should be thrown away or given up.

[7.13] YES! GIVE UP rubbish. Cash is King, King is cash. Golden time!

[7.14] Till then, one can conclude that the decade incomes of XFX$1,000,000 for strategic networking shall be double and later halven between two seaports, where the equation is in the following:

                $1000 *#C(nickname) : $10 *#H(acronym cipher) <=> $10 *#H(acronym code) : $0.10 *#O(words)

                ( 1000 #C + 10 #H*2 + 0.1 #O ) *10x = X$1,000,000 where C:H:O ~= 1:2:1; x = number of duplicates

                #C + (#H /50) + (#O /10000) = X$100 /x


[7.15] Let #O(words) fades because of non-traceable semantic occurrences, that is #O = 0 or 00 (CN: 佛法·莲花座).

#C + #H/50 = X$100/x;     C:H ~= 1:2

[7.15b] Let Number of Seaport Dialects for Profitable Trade = {x: 1, 2, 3, 4}

[7.15c] For x = 1: 50C + H = 5000/x => 52C = 5000 => C = 96 + 2/13 = 96.1538 (Heart Cards)

[7.15d] For x = 2: 50C + H = 2500 => 52C = 2500 => C = 48 + 1/13 = 48.0769 (Club Cards)

[7.15e] For x = 3: 50C + H = 1667 => 52C = 1667 => C = 32 + 3/52 = 32.0577 (Diamond Cards)

[7.15f] For x = 4: 50C + H = 1250 => 52C = 1250 => C = 24 + 1/26 = 24.0385 (Spade Cards)


[7.16] (07Jul2015). Let #C(nickname) disappears due to non-reducible noise occurrences, that is #C = (1 / infinity) or (81 < theta(θ) < 99) angular degrees (CN: 九九八十一变无穷).

                #C(0) + #H/50 + #O/10000 = X$100/y;         H:O ~= 2:1

                #H/5000 + #O/1,000,000 = $1/y

[7.16b] Let Number of Passport Tunnels for Well-Known Troops = {y: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5}

[7.16c] For y = 1: 200#H/1,000,000 + #O/1,000,000 = 1/y => 401#O = 1,000,000 => #O = 2493.77 ~= 25,000 *10% (2-Field Master’s Labor(20.0GB/10) + Math 1-Equation(0.5GB))

[7.16d] For y = 2: 200#H/1,000,000 + #O/1,000,000 = 1/2 => 401#O = 500,000 => #O = 1246.88 ~= 12,500 *10% (5! = 120 Troop Logos of Hundreds + Generals(5-tier *100-person))

[7.16e] For y = 3: 200#H/1,000,000 + #O/1,000,000 = 1/3 => 401#O = 333,333 => #O = 831.255 ~= 8,333 *10% [ (93 * 57 = 5301) + (2 Battalion Leaders) + 成王途径(30GB/100) + 三十真假门仆各贮壹句(30-servants * 3mGB/30) ]

[7.16f] For y = 4: 200#H/1,000,000 + #O/1,000,000 = 1/4 => 401#O = 250,000 => #O = 623.441 ~= 6,250 *10% (Keep Multiplication factor of 16 to 160 Customers, totaling to Modal $0.1m to $1.0m, respectively for a male’s or a female’s upper limit of financial freedom)

[7.16g] For y = 5: 200#H/1,000,000 + #O/1,000,000 = 1/5=> 401#O = 200,000 => 498.753 ~= 5,000 *10% (Math 1-Equation(0.5GB) of Tug-Boat type (施字: 25GB/50))


[7.17] In a Nutshell, Data Networking has blue spring from American Computers; whereas Strategic Feedbacks have 2-dimensional (2D) 4-bit colorful springs from Zwen language.

[7.18] Somewhere there between Two Frontlines of Battlefields, the News Readers could observe only the Known-of Compnet in Honors, or Strategic Networking amid Anonymities, alike the chess pieces in various board games.



Veni Vedi Vinci  :  I come I see I conquer.

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