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(大人之市[Arctic] – 白令海[Bearing] – 南海·汤谷十日[Nanhai: 10-Sun Sea Valley])



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Drawings Accounts from E-Commerce Chart & Earth Base Ships(e.g. South China Sea) to JYM-Field Ferries (database | infobase)

© Copyright 16 September 2015 – 10 October 2015. Xpree Yxin as RSS Lee. Crossword-type stego-keys tell the pictorial Nve$bond shredder(s).


[1] Drawings (15Jul1999):  Drawings by Lee Kok Wah the Graphic Artist as private capital. < Click Here >

[2] Drawings (16Sep2015):  Drawings by Lee Kok Wah the TJY5SCS-door Shown Floor Artist, later as a few of the early template class file groups, such like MePKC, multihash methods. < Click Here >


[3] Gross Estimations on Random Space Steganography (RSS), as in the comp-net of e-commerce, within the category of monetary notes of XFX$:

[3.1] Money Weight Ratio, MWR[XFX$ : USD$] = XFX$10 : USD$10 = 1 : 3.

[3.2] Working domain of those e-commerce comp-net = {computer network; communications network; quadratic curve; win-win trades the blue ocean; tug-and-pull game of rope; etc.}.

[3.3] Example: To surpass layers of fellowships at an academic close-loop database.

[3.3a] Chinese YinYang Study (CN: 中国阴阳学): Earth 5 to win over Water 2, and Water 2 to win over Fire 4.

[3.3b] In a rigid human group, there is always four layers at maximum, so called RIGID is because of its firm attachment to the openly dated scholastic literary copy, where layer ratios = 1 + (1 : 3).

[3.3c] Thus, in case both the interface layers were all fellowships, then the upper limit is 10 plus 10, or steady ratio 1 : 1, or in total 20 Fellows.

[3.3d] In other words, a bottleneck of commercial supply chain, and its feedbacks, can be modeled from this interface ratio (10 : 10).


[3.4] Equivalent with Fellowships using XFX$ and USD$, the Fellow Number Ratio (FNR) is still 10 : 10, as the tunable upper limit.

[3.5] However, for stable state considerations: Why does the total monetary values of XFX$ and USD$ are the ratios of multiplicative factors of money rate and fellow amount?

[3.6] Do remember! Till now objects of fire 4 and water 2 have been figuratively known of, but for object of earth 5, then a venue comprising of full essentials and at least one workable situation is needed to trigger one round of transactions.


[4] (20Sep2015). Base Value of Nve$ in bond dollars:

[4.1] Pricing at USD$3 for a bid game to switch on or off, between:

(Option A) Claude E. Shannon the Data Engineering Fate [ log10 (2) ]; and/or (e.g. Andrew),

                (Option B) Xpree K.W. Lee the Info Engineering Fate [ log10 (3) ].

[4.2] The selected chemical element is: Ferrum (Fe), where its identified code is P26.

[4.3] Do take Ferrum(III) Oxide, Fe2O3: => Twice Relative Molecular Weight (320 gram) = #Proton(152) + #Neutron(168)

[4.4] From the referred home page as link followed, then we knows that: the Reserves Price of Desktop Computer is USD$700 per unit.

Ref. (keyword search: Shanhaijing Prologue):


[4.5] One knows of that common name IRON, or chemical element name Ferrum, is the richest metal in quantity on Earth planet.

[4.6] Turning point at here: Number Theory(700) * First Runner-up Rate(0.24) = 168

[4.7] Who would be the runners up?

Answer: Payment maker, adopter, keeper, such as credit/ debit/ cashBank card entities. Or others, if any.

[4.8] The safe keep difference is at entry costs of maintenance, where: credit($60), debit($20), cashBank($0), per card per account annually.

[4.9] Thus, the Record Fee of a (natural or legal) Entity Name shall then be:

                Runner Cost($168) / Bid Value($3) + Entry Cost of Safe Keep(at least $20) >= $56 + $20 = Nve$76.

[4.10] Coming to Chinese Language, ferrum in Zwen is:    [meaning to have lost gold metal in cipher]

[4.11] The e-commerce transactions is always bi-directional, or at least two safe keep cards (SKC), then $76 * #SKC(2) = $152.

[4.12] Calling LGD (Lee’s Gossips Decoding), then three entities to cover up two:

[XFX$, USD$]{+ OR *} : Nve$ = 3 : 2   or   Sum of Sub-totals = 5 * $76 = $380.

[4.13] Now, the Military Majors shall ask a few initial settings:

Where and Who have been the Club King Card valued at gold bucket 38.0 GB safely kept?

[4.14] Tips: The reserves price of the software package the Club King card, temporarily acronym (RSCK), would be the base value of Nve$bonds!

                $RSCK = $380 / forex(38.0 GB) = Nve$ or USD$ or XFX$   [at the mean time: all $10]


[5] (06Oct2015). Called newspaper headline-type Golden Idioms the IP 0916 Auditing Periodic Cycles bypassed to Consulting Firms or Negotiator’s Floor Number:

[5.1] Example of Outdoor Role: Cartoon series entitled: “Transformers the Defender of the Universe”

[5.2] Mathematical floor(x) function is used, instead of ceiling(x) function, due to thumb rule: Give up five, take in four (捨五取四).

[5.3] Upper limit of Monetary value, tunable to turn on a woman into nun mode or mother mode, by birthday age 42 or day 9.16, whichever is closer to floor function:

                Superwoman(X$100 million) (CN: 壹亿元) = #Human_Beings(1000) * [ NurseryCost($65,000) + Cash_Flow($35,000) ]

                Club Ace card (1, 10, 11) points, CAc =  #Seat(1000) * [ Diwang(1) + Webmastress(10) * $1 ] = 11,000 $hour

                                Zw: 梅花烟(1, 10, 11)点 = 竟排列座(千人)* [ 狄湾(1) + 络姬(10) * $1 ] = 11,000 $项时

                #Knight_table (12) = 11,000 $hour / half_an_Hour($50) = floor( 220 knights ) = 216 knights or 18 tables (i.e. 18 squares movable for a Castle in Western Chess).


[5.4] Direnjie (狄仁杰) the Inspector called for Inspection services: #Fields_legislative = #Knight_table(18) / #States_max(2) = 9 token-rich projects or legal acts

[5.5] Wuzetian (武则天) the Queen Zhou (周皇后) has a memorial plating wordless tombstone, points to upper limit on language number at Earth Patent Office is: Nine (9) [Jiu: ].

[5.6] In other words: Police acts => insurance compensation => Judge’s Guess => currency values in closed loop <= Ports <= reserves price on products <= Fate’s Money values.

[5.7] The Zeus-type protector has a max number at nine (9), or only nine top fates in fact, whoever only a Fate has negotiation right; whereas the others are firm entity.


[5.8] Auditing period is First 15 years after a teenager raised up upon Junior Secondary School: First Audit Cycle = Teenager(15+1) + Work_Life(15)_in_C-space = 31 in age.

[5.9] Orphan age to first enter the career field in Si-space is: 31 years old, for a first Si-space work contract of one decade till 41 years old.

[5.10] Thus, to those adults beyond 37 years old, please appreciate the valuable life and next personal offspring’s opportunity quotient (OQ).

[5.11] ……


[6] ……



Out of Sight, Out of Love.   :   Where One Comes, Where One Goes.

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