Guanyin Qian (觀音簽)


Purpose of this File:

This file promotes the computerized Guanyin Qian in software form.

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Product for Unlimited Freeware Distribution in this File:

[1] Guanyin Qian software to divine the future destiny by relying the accuracy on oneís honesty.




Guanyin Qian is a software application to provide one function: To divine the future destiny from Guanyin by relying on the askerís honesty. This software operates in Chinese language to avoid possible translation errors, and its manual is in English language due to the authorís computer programming software is in English language.


Whenever a person has difficult problem or doubt to decide a potential action to be taken, one can try to use this software to ask the Guanyin (观音)(a god originated from Indian Buddhism and absorbed into the Chinese Taoism) through the Qian (签) (a prose with title to hint figuratively, metaphorically, or not literally).


There are 100 Qians here. The accuracy of the Qian depends on the depth level of an askerís honesty. The Guanyin Qian is computerized from a Chinese temple called Gu Miao (古庙) (meaning Ancient Temple) with history of about one century in Kampar, Perak, Malaysia.


The author of the Guanyin Qian cannot be traced by the software author. However, it is good for us to know the originating contributor of the prose of Guanyin Qian. If anyone manages to meet the author of this Guanyin Qian by chance, please inform the software author, who is Kok-Wah Lee @ Xpree Li Jinhua, at [email:] or [URL:].


To start asking, if it is convenient, then please prepare and burn some joss stick(s) (香) and optional candle(s) (燭). If it is inconvenient, then just forget about the joss stick and candle. Now, please think the Guanyin in oneís mind, open the software, and inform the particular like name, birth date, birth place, and residential address. Then, any problem or doubt related to any person(s) (人), matter(s) (事), and/or object(s) (物) can be asked.


For more details, please refer to the manual which can be downloaded here.


Lastly, remember that the accuracy of the figurative Guanyin Qian depends on the depth level of userís honesty. Hence, the user shall bear oneís own risks.



In case of appreciation and gratitude due to the convenience and figurative hints given by this Guanyin Qian software, for any donation that a user may want to contribute to the Gu Miao (古庙) (meaning Ancient Temple) in Jalan Tokong, Kampar, Perak, Malaysia, one may visit the temple personally, or send the money electronically to the author first and the author transfer the money to the temple later. As an info, one physical Qian at the Gu Miao costs MYR$0.20 (or USD$0.055). A donator may think about other cost savings like travelling time, transportation costs, trip insurance premium, visa, passport, accommodation rental, etc.


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[0]Guanyin Qian 1.0.1 Free Edition <click here>







Created on 24 November 2008

Updated on 04 August 2009