Two-Factor Multimedia Key (Token key) and Multihash Key


Purpose of this File:

This file promotes the 2-factor multimedia token key and multihash key.

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Products for Sale in this File:

[1] Patent licensing of two-factor multimedia key (Token Key).

[2] Patent licensing of multihash key.

[3] Copyrighted software of two-factor multimedia key (Token Key).

[4] Copyrighted software of multihash key.



2-Factor Multimedia Key (Token Key) is a method and system to create big secret at 256 bits by using a password secret and a decrypted token plaintext. The software token can be in any single or multiple multimedia data forms such as bitstream, text, image, sound, and/or video. Multihash Key uses key strengthening (aka hash iteration) and hash truncation to create multiple unique slave keys from a master key for both the offline and online accounts. The slave key from bigger hash iteration round has stronger security than the slave key from smaller hash iteration round. Consequently, the security, usability generally and memorizability particularly, can be improved by the hybrid combination of 2D Key and Multihash Key. For more information, please refer to the manual of this software. For a list matching the hash iteration number with the offline/online accounts, download here.


For private key optimization of 192-bit Mobile ECC software, when this software is used together with 2D key input method, there is a memory optimization to minimize the memorizable size of private key. Firstly, a 128-bit 2D secret is created using 2D key to act as the token password in the 2-factor multimedia key method. Secondly, an at least 192-bit multimedia data file can be used as software token to be encrypted and stored in a USB flash drive as token ciphertext. The token password (i.e. 2D key secret) and token plaintext, after the optional processes of multihash key, can generate a secret to act as a 192-bit private key secret in the 192-bit Mobile ECC. Whenever there is a need, get the USB flash drive storing the token ciphertext, decrypt it using the token password (i.e. 2D key secret), and select the hash iteration of multihash key to create a slave key.


Sale Commissions:

To promote sale, agent(s), who can realize any sale contract and licensing agreement for the products and services in this business, will be compensated by a minimum commission rate of 2% throughout the validity of the business.


Intellectual Property:

[1] Kok-Wah Lee. (2008, July 25). Methods and systems to create big memorizable secrets and their applications in information engineering. Malaysia Patent Application PI 2008xxxx, MyIPO, Filing Date: 25 July 2008.


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Copyrighted Software


Fee (SGD$)


[0]  2-Factor Multimedia Key 1.0

PW5 Free Edition <click here>

5 Slave Keys / 1 Master Key



[1] 2-Factor Multimedia Key 1.0 PW10

10 Slave Keys / 1 Master Key



[2] 2-Factor Multimedia Key 1.0 PW15

15 Slave Keys / 1 Master Key



[3] 2-Factor Multimedia Key 1.0 PW30

30 Slave Keys / 1 Master Key



[4] 2-Factor Multimedia Key 1.0 PW50

50 Slave Keys / 1 Master Key



[5] 2-Factor Multimedia Key 1.0 PW100

100 Slave Keys / 1 Master Key



[6] 2-Factor Multimedia Key 1.0 PW150

150 Slave Keys / 1 Master Key



[7] 2-Factor Multimedia Key 1.0 PW200

200 Slave Keys / 1 Master Key





Created on 23 September 2008

Updated on 04 June 2009