ChangJiang River-Net: Recyclic H2O

< 中密信六字之限量战【驰骋沙场、P16: 谙文(O2)Z26: 河口(Fe)】。。。钱塘潮算限 : 区错管否 @ 四书音乐 >

     ( Logotype ID: LeoBCusp1977 <=> Zwenigo.2kl7.Oa_coin_Pa )

{[( HuaShuI(画云!1)StrategiesCo1n0uts Shen#9(五华声 + 四粤切) )]}


H. Hua Info Cycle the Zigo Plum Flourish

     Member ([flexible Arrow(s)];[Si-space: riverstreams]; Zwenigo[cashiers];[pole | zero] )

( 近打涚耘[K-int-a] – 旄马海口[Bearhill] – 宝幅幺九[BaOFu~2]熊猫测孕[Kloof] )



| C-space Monetary Ratios: TWD$250 | USD$21.12 | GBP$5.50 |

| Si-space Monetary Ratios: XFX$1 * 1 | SGD$1.50 + 21.5˘ | HKD$20 + 38˘ |


Drawings Account individually, from GameCard-type Tokens to Monetary Limiting Filters

Frequencies, f(2*3.142*w/T = 2*pi*omega/temporal): Once for open source, Twice for open circuitry, Thrice for golden share passing-off.

(H: Hydrogen P1 W1.0; O: Oxygen P8 W16) 04Apr-01Jul2017. XpLi the Zcie#19. MapPer (baseball) [Annually from April Fool the 1st Day to Good Friday, whenever once year again season @church].


[1] Drawings (15Jul1999):  Drawings by Lee Kok Wah the Graphic Artist as private capital. < Click Here >

[2] Drawings (25Dec2016) [conFirmity]:  Drawings by MapPer Lee the Tour Guide on 《猩猩知人名》 ( “XinXin Knew of Pseudonyms” ), whereby keys: ShanHaiJing, 7Xio. < Click Here >


[3] (Proverb) 【谚语】:皮甲毛发,收自父母。谙文、既是暗文的谐音:收自、受之、收支、支纳。

[4] (04Apr2017 a MoonDay). GuLoong JinYong 股笼仅拥figuratively to mean road width too broad, to have stolen the fresh oxygen gases from fruitful farm the Diamond Eight (D8), wherein to have been flourishing the mindsets(2) years after years.

[5] Fudu (佈都) rectangular polygon has Mice pIG-less (老鼠庠), less than insurance premium 3%. Where else in the KL townships ?????!

[6] ……



Out of Sight, Out of Love. : Where one comes, Where one goes.

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E. & O. E. = Errors and Omissions Exempted

E. & O. E., + E. = Errors and Omissions Exempted, plus Estimations


Created on MoonDay 04 April 2017

Ended-1 [Good Friday @2017yr] on 15 April 2017

Updated on 01 May 2017