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Purpose of this File:

This file acts as a collection of webmaster’s contact info for interested person(s) to keeps in touch with the webmaster.

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Ways of Contact:

[1] To me, establishing and broadcasting the contact info can create more transparent societies once separated by different languages, to reduce the corruption possibilities and lower the undue human operating costs, for more affordable prices of products and services, and then higher living qualities by enjoying more environment-friendly and competitive human necessaries.

[2] For any natural person and legal entities, please have at least one email and one phone number to be in the public domain searchable easily.

[3] For junk contacts, please don’t waste our time and resources until I blacklist them.

[4] For communicable languages, written ones are Chinese, English, and Malayan languages; whereas spoken ones are Cantonese, Mandarin, English, and Malayan languages.

[5] Here, I prefer email (carrying stamps), which has enabled the electronic written records; and postal letter carrying stamps, which is a conventional communication mode in case of email failure.

[6] For critical, imperative, urgent, and/or important, email, or merely needing a reply, please email me again at any email addresses, SMS and/or phone me, or post me your messages. Do send me a short SMS notice on the delivery of any important email or postal letter.

[7] (31May2012). For messages containing secret information, please exchange a secret key or public keys with me first via mobile phone or postal letters. Then, we can proceed with the secret communications via computer email. For secret key cryptosystem, Microsoft Office Words the application software has such functions. Meanwhile, for available public key cryptosystem (PKC), do have a look at Mobile ECC <Click here>.


Modes of Contact Info:

[1] Webmaster, who is Kok-Wah Lee @ Xpree Li, is physically based in Malaysia.

[2] Website server is serviced by Yahoo! the US company in California state of USA, and physically based in (Washington state of) USA (United States of America), imaginarily storyline proceeded in Australia up to EIGHT (8) slogans per monetary artist group.

[3] Main website:

[4] Webmaster’s personal website:

[5] Email (for English and Malayan languages):

[6] Email (for Chinese, English, and Malayan languages):

[7] For postal address, please post to the webmaster’s Melaka address, i.e. his residential address.




Kok-Wah LEE @ Xpree Li


Mailing Address (For non-registered mail letters):

4, Jalan Bukit Beruang 5,

Taman Bukit Beruang,

75450 Bukit Beruang,

Melaka, Malaysia.


Permanent Address:

237, Jalan Labu,

31900 Kampar,

Perak, Malaysia.


Singapore P.O. Box Address:

P.O. Box No. 0546,

Singapore Post Centre Post Office,

10 Eunos Road 8,

Singapore 914019.



Phone (h1 – Perak) : +605 - 466 4998 (de-activated)

Phone (h2 – Melaka) : +606 - 231 2594 (cancelled)

Phone (HP-2 + SMS) : +6012 - 5710875 (LGD; text preferred)

Phone (HP-1 + SMS) : +6013 - 6134998 (Reserves Costs de-activated)


Email (h1) : (preferred; casual checking)

Email (h2): (weekend checking)

Email (business – Webmail) : (rare)

Email (business – Mailware) : (weekend checking)


MSN Messenger : (primary)

Yahoo Messenger ID : (secondary)

Skype ID : xpreee (book a time slot please)

Google Talk : (rare checking)

腾讯 QQ: 784093986


URL (h1):            (cancelled by Yahoo! due to cash shortage)

URL (h2) :         (trimmed by Yahoo! to get Geocities ID called xpree)

URL (h3) :            (replica held by third party)

URL (Facebook):          (for delivery of an electronic name card)


URL (business, personal web space)[01Feb2008]:

URL (K.W. Lee’s Profile):

URL (web/ roles pointer): (nickname Obi-wan in movies Star Wars)

URL (front cashier)[01May2015]:



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Created on 09 July 2008

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