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    Industry: Continue the legend, "Jiangxi Xiexu Machinery Co., Ltd. Tenth Anniversary Celebration
    On January 13, 2018, the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Jiangxi Xiexu Machinery Co., Ltd. and the Tail Tooth Festival 2017 were solemnly held with the theme of "Thanksgiving Accompanied, Traveling All the Way". Paper packaging enterprise chiefs and professionals from all over the country gathered together to celebrate the festival. The manufacturing enterprises of the famous corrugated cardboard production line sailed again and entered a new era with a stronger posture.

    In ten years, the chairman of Chiang Hsiang village, the chairman of Xie River group, gave a grand speech.

    With the passage of 2017 and the arrival of 2018, Xiexu Group entered its 38th year, and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Jiangxi Xiexu Machinery Co., Ltd. quietly ushered in its 10th birthday. On this passionate day, January 13, 2018, with "gratitude accompanied, all the way." "Jiangxi Xiexu Machinery Co., Ltd. Tenth Anniversary Celebration and 2017 Tail Tooth Festival" was solemnly held.

    (Chairman of Jian Jiang Group, Chiang Chiang village)

    On the day of the event, the chairman of Xiexu Group, Mr. Jianjiangcun, made a solemn speech. While thanking the guests, Mr. Jianjiangcun reviewed the development of Jiangxi Xiexu Machinery Co., Ltd. and briefly analyzed the situation of paper packaging industry in 2017. Finally, he encouraged everyone to make further efforts to embark on it with a brand-new attitude and full of blood. New journey. The following is the full text:

    Jiangxi Xie Xu 10th anniversary speech

    Good evening, dear leaders, dear ladies and gentlemen.

    Thank you very much for coming to Jiangxi to witness the 10th anniversary celebration of Taiwan Xiexu Group Jiangxi Xiexu Machinery Co., Ltd. and the Tail Tooth Festival in 2017. On behalf of Jiangxi Xiexu Company, I would like to extend our warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to you.

    Looking back on the ten-year development of Jiangxi Xiexi, we have experienced a decade of rapid development, transformation and upgrading of China's corrugated paper industry. Sincerely help, let Jiangxi Xiexu copy and inherit the equipment gene of Taiwan Xiexu, firmly carry forward the original intention of Xiexu since its founding in 1980 for 37 years of stable quality, there is today's new situation, new journey and new mission.

    Friends, the winter in Jiangxi is cold, because you are not far away from the warm arrival of thousands of miles, let us feel warm!

    Looking back on the year 2017, under the background of blowout of market orders and upgrading of equipment, history has given us a rare spring in a decade for Xiexu Machinery, and also promoted the development of our Jiangxi Xiexu Ten Years, ushering in a happy outcome of the first ten years with fruitful results. We are more confident that we will march forward to the new development of the second decade. The way.

    The breathtaking year of 2017 marks the crucial year for the Chinese government to comprehensively rectify environmental pollution and vigorously promote environmental protection. It has affected the delivery schedule of some castings, heat treatment plants and chromium plating plants, and has brought many delays to the trial production of the whole line. However, we must be in line with the government's policies and environmental protection management concepts to achieve environmental protection standards. Environment-friendly enterprises.

    2017 can be said to be the busiest year of our corrugated packaging ecosphere, we are busy and enriched. Thanks to the outbreak of customer trust in the past decade, thanks to the unremitting struggle of all Asahi people, we have won the trust and support of new and old customers in the market! If we say, what is the greatest harvest of Jiangxi Asahu 10 years? That's the unlimited trust of customers!

    Jiangxi is advancing! Jiangxi Xiexu is advancing! We will surely move forward on the road of intelligent equipment bus toward industrial 4.0, worthy of this land, and continue to shape the dream and pursuit of the two generations of Xiexu people in 37 years.

    If we sharpen a sword in ten years, all of our colleagues in Jiangxi Xiexi are swordsmen, and we must have enough skills to make the company bigger and stronger. Many engineers have been wandering the market year after year to do equipment installation and service debugging for one customer after another; even for several years they have no time to return to the company and colleagues to see them. One meeting... today, taking advantage of the company's 10th anniversary, I'm determined to bring back the engineers who have been busy all the year round! You've worked hard! Now, I send you a sentence: May you go away for half your life and come back as a teenager!

    Jiangxi Xiexu's ten-year history also thanks all media friends for their help in brand promotion, planning and friendship writing.

    Looking to the future, with positive market demand, sincere supplier support, and the pursuit of Xiexiu Group's 37-year cross-strait manufacturing dream, I believe: the corrugated cardboard production line made by Xiexiu Group will certainly pursue the design concept from humanization to intellectualization: take the main road, take the right path, grounding the air, let the dream come true. Look at the reality. Just like human education: there is nothing surprising on the surface, but the quality is different!

    No noise, no noise.

    Finally, in the new year of 2018, I wish you every success in your work and good health.

    The next legend will continue, and Xie Xu group will embark on a new journey.

    At the dinner, Mr. Zhang Xiansheng, chairman of Shengyuan Group, a well-known packaging giant, and Mr. Chen Fabo, general manager of Shengyuan Group, served as a customer representative to send a blessing plaque to Xiexu Group. It is worth mentioning that in September 2017, Shengyuan Group Dongguan Headquarters officially opened, as an important supplier of Shengyuan Group, Xiexu Group joined hands. Major supporting manufacturers in Dongguan Kaijing Hotel held a grand "Xiexi 2.5 m/2.8 m high-speed production line factory opening day and Shengyuan headquarters opening and various supporting business entertainment dinner", Shengyuan Group added a lot of color.

    The 10th Anniversary Celebration of Jiangxi Xiexu Machinery Co., Ltd. and the Tail Tooth Festival in 2017 were solemnly held with the theme of "Thanksgiving Accompanied and Traveling All the way". Shengyuan Group sent the plaque to further enhance the friendship between the two sides. On the one hand, Xiexu Group gave Shengyuan Group the technology and equipment of corrugated cardboard line. Great help, on the other hand, Shengyuan Group as an important customer of Xiexu machinery, for the development of Xiexu machinery has an important role.

    (Sheng Sheng Group Chairman Zhang Shengsheng and general manager Chen Fabo send congratulations plaque)

    Famous packaging giants and famous corrugated cardboard production line manufacturers work hand in hand to create a common story is a rare move in the paper packaging industry. It is reported that the cooperation between Shengyuan Group and Hexu Group began in 2013. In 2016, Shengyuan Group accelerated its expansion and purchased 9 pieces of 2.5m/2.8m from Xiexu Machinery in one breath. As of January 2018, Shengyuan Group has purchased more than 20 tile lines from Xiexiu Group.

    At the banquet, many people were deeply moved by the long-standing friendship between the two sides. Many guests felt that excellent enterprises always meet at a certain time and work together to achieve their goals. Shengyuan Group trusts in the quality of the products of Xiexu Group, and Xiexu Group recognizes the spirit of Shengyuan Group. In the future, both sides will make joint efforts to achieve their goals. We will further develop a new journey for China's paper packaging industry.

    Mr. Jianjiangcun, chairman of Xiexu Group, invited outstanding engineers to take the stage and presented them with a New Year's Red Pack, thanking them for their dedication and dedication to Xiexu over the years. Running hard, for one customer after another equipment installation, service debugging, Xiexiu Group today's achievements.

    (outstanding engineer representative comes to stage to receive new year's red envelope)

    The banquet flew through the applause and laughter, and Xiexiu Group never forgot its original heart. Thanksgiving to customers and employees was deeply engraved in the hearts of every guest on the scene.

    Since its inception in 1980, Xiexiu Machinery has been engaged in the R&amp;D and manufacture of corrugated board production line equipment with advanced technology, professional support and computerized management specialty, providing more than 1000 sets of complete plant equipment for customers all over the world. Jiangxi Xiexiu Machinery Co., Ltd. has been a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xiexiu Group since 2008. Since its inception in 1998, the continuous development of various specifications of high-speed corrugated board lines, greatly promoting the development of the mainland paper packaging industry and technological innovation.

    In the brand-new 2018, Xiexu people will continue to wear the glory of carrying 38 years, adhere to the attitude of product excellence, give full play to subjective initiative, strive hard to move forward, in the fierce competition in the market to create a legend!

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