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0.0 Layers of this e-Company[.com/] Website[browsing; login; email; 3-phase e-Receipt(Text, Graphics, Software, etc.)]:

0.1 Data Compnet Programmer: | Guide(2008Feb-2012Feb) | Guide(Current) |

0.2 Sitemap Planner: | myspace(2009Mar-2015Mar) | myspace(meanwhile) |

0.3 XpLi Sales Office: | |

0.4 HH Li CV: | |

0.41 【兵卒对阵数趟扉】谐音汤药费,望闻问切,赔取后门三切码(icv):9322

0.42 System prepared: Systemic Feedbacks ready whenever Reborn is there.

0.5 (15Nov2016). The Compnet Work website (CW = 323: type audit or common#) has a maximum ins-and-outs at #doors = 11 zw: 门窗),

0.51 where a Tabular Stable 11C4 = 330 (CDism), and an e-NewSearch 11C2 = 55 (Public domain).

0.52 网企in Sijiao Haoma code (四角号码) carries number series: 40227 (metal), 10109 (earth), 16115 (fire).

0.53 In base-5 numbering system diverted to (divergence) 【谐音:‘日曲加弈’】, there shall be: (Xi) 02241402, (Pree) 00310414, (Li) 01003430.

0.54 On base-5 numbers and Labor Time as reciprocal income type => log3(5) * log5(3) = 1, due to at least a working tool, as like XOR.exe the encipher.

0.55 Five sets of Spade Ace is equal to a set of Club X10: 3 * #Set(5) = 15 => log5(15) = 1 + log5(3).

0.6 Rainbow-type Article pricing scale [ first 10 years / cycle(19) ] = XFX$100 => Stamina ratio (seasons : castling) OR 精力回酧 (季节 : 玖幺) = 10 : 90 = 1/9

0.61 Money-type Rate at 6% per month, 4.25 years for 10x and 8.50 years for 100x => Cashier ratio (associate : old folk) OR 汇兑 (观察 : 银发) = X$(15 : 85) = 3/17

0.62 The calculus of logarithm to differentiate between log3 and log5: h = 1/9 + 3/17 + 1/153 = 45/153; j = log3(44) + log5(153) = 6.570 ~= ASCII Code [ log2(95) = B ]

0.63 Mutuality exchanges tools in slight licenses (相似三角证): B = 6.569855, C = 6.570104; diff. = +- 0.00024905; %B = 0.379086%%, %C = -0.379071%%

0.64 Right Triangle Identity on Fixed Areas: 153^2 – 44^2 = 23409 – 1936 = = = 21473 ~= 146.536^2 => Hisartery#(147) = 21 * 7 icy: 云现寒(17Nov2016).


0.7 (18Dec2016 a MetalDay). The QiongZhou (琼州) in the “Fire Spirit Series: Episode 5” 《火灵田五:峡篇》 (FSS5), has a Starter para-graphic geo-region located at the Northern Part of NanHai (南海).

0.71 And due [Age(42): Moon(15) | Date(01.05)] to the Chinese idiom “TianNan DiBei” (天南地北) in geography subject, as well as the “Inner Medicine of Chinese Classics” 《黄帝内经》 on “RenZhong” (人中) the Decoded Phrase from Yijing (青木易经) on “earth to sky recycles” (地天泰卦).

0.72 The integer number from the FSS5 book is:   苏东坡(3215) = Base_5(14000) + Base_10(143)   :看苏东坡·

0.73 At General Particularity:   五进位(14000) = 5^4 (= 625) + 4*5^3 (= 4*125 = 500) = 1125 音歌谱·钥】

0.74 The North Hemisphere (北半球) at Hainan Province (海南省分) blows North tundra cold winds (北风寒冷) in the month December directed to Nanhai, and in month June rewinds South tropical hot airflows (南风炎热) from Oceania (大洋洲) to Hainan geo-regions (海南土域).

0.75 In the Mahjong game (喜鹊将牌) to have simulated the “The 36 Strategies: Cardinal Number the Second” 三十六计:三亚美妹睹围棋·亚军~~围魏救赵~~, correct directional delivery series of cash tokens means double basis of turnover (班转幺吗?;泛义营业额) once reaching at the GI producer plant. GI (79): Geographical Indication (地理标誌).

0.76 A gold river (金河#) has 13 stations, and further reasons from returnable corner (转弯角度) and quadratic well flatness (山湖凉亭), at least one of the bus station has double turns.

0.77 The Account Principles of Computer Circuitry:

            桌脑量词的电路设限·设定上限(元组两套) = 精血交班(13C3) / 同样性质(2!) = 13C3 / 2!

            = (13*12*11) / (3! 2!) = 13 * 11 = 143 Likes# (厘刻石) 梅花姤·的约三才

         { 1991.1 Compnet Audit #yr < 4 by 2021.1 AllY } => Primary Public #Papers =< 6, insofar remainder #a/c(4) (= 10 – x) for career options explored.


Introduction: (Enterprise) has once been spreading its goods, from simple essential computer communications e-tools since February 2008, to August 2013 for major living literary works, throughout basins (Zw: 盆地,比喻来自拉丁字母BAC) of bookshops, academic libraries, patent offices, and copyright offices. All happened after a website transition from hosting (1999June) to Yahoo! Hosting (2008Feb).


For the mean time, seven (7) years of till patent timer threshold have been lapsed over (2015 Feb.), and a monthly e-store at Yahoo! Store has been rented since May 2015. Thus presently, is for quick e-cash transactions of Oneself Coded products, is for dynamic web pointing, and is for data computer-net (compnet). All web-open data were Xpree Lee’s home-made stocks for monetary exchange purposes, so called as HTTP (; whereas web-hidden data were offsite deals; and email or postal delivery were 3-phase receipts within several time limits.


Fulfillment of Exclusion list:

The copyright users agree that the entities in the exclusion list are banned to use the copyrights as like restricted country list in the passport and defense list in the patent licensing. <Click here>


Sale Commissions:

To promote sales, only the harbinger ( computer station as like seaport, one each for two direct compnets, is entitled for displays basis(XFX$10) per year, and turnover (at least XFX$100) commissions at minimum 1.0%, to group sales (at least 706 copies or XFX$15,000) at maximum 30.0% (X$4,500).


Monetary Exchanges between two Direct Compnets:

[1] Internet Packet (IP) Communications Style: First Customer Computer | First Compnet-P | Second Compnet-Q | Visited Merchant Computer.

[2] Possible Permutation of Compnet(P, Q, R) = 3P2 = 3! = 6 sales grouping types.

[3] Sales Example-1: Article “Fire Spirit Field VI: 3-Phase Compnet Logos” at 40.0+ GB & cash price X$330, military-wise discounted to X$21.12 (= USD$7.04) per copy, valid for 2.5 to 3.0 years. Then, its sales package at 706 copies plus delivery charge, is approximately XFX$15,000. Meanwhile, the group sales commissions fee is X$4,500 shared equally by both the harbinger computer stations.

[4] Sales Example-2: Differential cost of 2.0 GB between Article “Fire Spirit Field VI: 3-Phase Compnet Logos” at 40.0+ GB, and “Club King Software Pack” at 38.0 GB. Then, only direct Barter System between two owners is negotiable at soldier’s reserves price XFX$750 (= X$15000::(USD$7.04 * 706 copies) *2GB/40GB::(40-38)/40), paid from the lower GB holder to the Upper GB holder. In cases where harbinger stations are at least two units, then each station shall be financed at X$10*2 by both merchants. In short: Merchant_38GB(pays X$750, and X$20), Merchant_40GB(paid X$20, will receive X$750), Harbinger_Station-1&2(received X$10 *2Stations *2Merchants).

[5] Lowest saleable reserves price is at 0.2GB, that is: Lowest_Price : $15000 = 0.2GB : 40.0GB, => LP = X$75 for 706 copies.

[6] ……


Presently Available Products for Member-wise Compnet:

[1] (10Jun2015). Modern Science & Old History Planes of the XpLi’s sales office for (smart working) Compnet. <click here>

[2] (17Jun2015). Drawings Accounts for ins and outs of honourable One’s monetary interfaces, from glocalized e-brands (Zwen: 钬炆品牌) (global ^AND^ localization => [to take out symbolic letter ‘B’] + [to adopt Nanhai-Oceania figurative alphabet ‘C’]). <click here>

[3] ……



[R1] Kok-Wah Lee (as inventor, designer, artist, scientist; all in Zwen Language) (2010 January to 2011 July), “Method and System to Create Chinese Language Seeds from Most Frequently Used Characters and Their Applications”, Starting Literary Claims via Patent Specification Drafts, Patent Offices [WIPO(global sense of checking); KIPO(search or ex-am of prior arts); MyIPO(initial records of filing dates and first page titles); IPOS(taxation reports to British Libraries having English language corpus); TIPO(establishment of e-disks in China scopes, speaking Chinese language OS)].


Contact Info:

For enquiry, please use one or many of the contact info. <Click here>

For website download, one can try the software like BackStreet Browser. <Click here>


Language Translation (语文翻译):

[1] On-line Chinese Tools:

[2] Chinese-English Dictionary:

[3] Google Translate:;

[4] Google Language Tools:

[5] Yahoo! Babel Fish:


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