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Part  A :   Introduction




According to on the results of IQ (Intelligence Quotient) test takers, the standard deviation is 14.889, mean score is 108.447 (confounding variable: The lowest IQ holders will not be capable of using the Internet to measure their own intelligence), and total test takers are 5.42 million as at 23 July 2007. The test is not intended for professional use and is offered for personal entertainment purposes.


According to on “What is an IQ score?”: {

Originally, IQ, or Intelligence Quotient, was used to detect persons of lower intelligence, and to detect children of lower intelligence in order to place them in special education programs. The first IQ tests were designed to compare a child's intelligence to what his or her intelligence "should be" as compared to the child's age. If the child was significantly "smarter" than a "normal" child of his or her age, the child was given a higher score, and if the child scored lower than expected for a child of his or her age, the child was given a lower IQ score.


Today IQ testing is used not primarily for children, but for adults. Today we attempt to write tests that will determine an adult's true mental potential, unbiased by culture, and compare scores to the scores of other adults who have taken the same test. So today we compare an adult's objective results to the objective results of other adults, and determine how intelligent each test taker is compared to all other test takers, instead of comparing test takers to an arbitrary age related standard.



13 mental abilities are measured by the Self Discovery Workshop of IQTest: Visual, Vocabulary, Spatial, Arithmetic, Logical, General Knowledge, Spelling, Rote Utilization, Intuition, Short Term Memory, Geometric, Algebraic, and Computational Speed.


For more information on IQ, please refer to Wikipedia [CN, EN].

For more information on normal distribution, please refer to Wikipedia [CN, EN] and David Lane’s HyperStat Online [note, graph].


There are some high IQ societies listed in Wikipedia [EN] and iqcomparisonsite [entrance criteria]. The most popular high IQ societies are Mensa [Wikipedia, URL] above 98th percentile and IHIQS (International High IQ Society) [Wikipedia, URL] above 95th percentile. Mensa was founded in UK by Roland Berrill and Dr. Lancelot Lionel Ware in 1946. Meanwhile, IHIQS was founded in New York City by Nathan Haselbauer in April 2000. There is also a consortium of high IQ societies called World Intelligence Network (WIN) founded online in Greece by Dr. Evangelos G. Katsioulis [URL, Email] on 01 January 2001. In the WIN website, there is a chart (or its mirror) matching the IQ percentiles, IQ societies and human population distribution.


Part  B :   My Result


This is the result of an IQ test taken by me on 07 April 2001 at My overall IQ for these 13 mental abilities is 153. Well, remember that this is for entertainment purposes only.


If you are interested with this “funny” estimation, you may try yours to know your superior and inferior mental abilities.



E. & O. E. = Errors and Omissions Exempted


E. & O. E., + E. = Errors and Omissions Exempted, plus Estimations


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