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This file acts as a guide file to browse other files in the Kok-Wah Lee @ Xpree Li’s personal web space.


0.0 Layers of this e-Company[.com/] Website[browsing; login; email; 3-phase e-Receipt(Text, Graphics, Software, etc.)]:

0.1 Data Compnet Programmer: | Guide(2008Feb-2012Feb) | Guide(Current) |

0.2 Sitemap Planner: | myspace(2009Mar-2015Mar) | myspace(meanwhile) |

0.3 XpLi Sales Office: | |

0.4 HH Li CV: | |

0.41 【兵卒对阵数趟扉】谐音汤药费,望闻问切,赔取后门三切码(icv):9322

0.42 System prepared: Systemic Feedbacks ready whenever Reborn is there.

0.5 (15Nov2016 a MoonDay). The Compnet Work website (CW = 323: type audit or common#) has a maximum ins-and-outs at #doors = 11 zw: 门窗),

0.51 where a Tabular Stable 11C4 = 330 (CDism), and an e-NewSearch 11C2 = 55 (Public domain).

0.52 网企in Sijiao Haoma code (四角号码) carries number series: 40227 (metal), 10109 (earth), 16115 (fire).

0.53 In base-5 numbering system diverted to (divergence) 【谐音:‘日曲加弈’】, there shall be: (Xi) 02241402, (Pree) 00310414, (Li) 01003430.

0.54 On base-5 numbers and Labor Time as reciprocal income type => log3(5) * log5(3) = 1, due to at least a working tool, as like XOR.exe the encipher.

0.55 Five sets of Spade Ace is equal to a set of Club X10: 3 * #Set(5) = 15 => log5(15) = 1 + log5(3).

0.6 Rainbow-type Article pricing scale [ first 10 years / cycle(19) ] = XFX$100 => Stamina ratio (seasons : castling) OR 精力回酧 (季节 : 玖幺) = 10 : 90 = 1/9

0.61 Money-type Rate at 6% per month, 4.25 years for 10x and 8.50 years for 100x => Cashier ratio (associate : old folk) OR 汇兑 (观察 : 银发) = X$(15 : 85) = 3/17

0.62 The calculus of logarithm to differentiate between log3 and log5: h = 1/9 + 3/17 + 1/153 = 45/153; j = log3(44) + log5(153) = 6.570 ~= ASCII Code [ log2(95) = B ]

0.63 Mutuality exchanges tools in slight licenses (相似三角证): B = 6.569855, C = 6.570104; diff. = +- 0.00024905; %B = 0.379086%%, %C = -0.379071%%

0.64 Right Triangle Identity on Fixed Areas: 153^2 – 44^2 = 23409 – 1936 = = = 21473 ~= 146.536^2 => Hisartery#(147) = 21 * 7 icy: 云现寒(17Nov2016).



For initial trust establishment between two strangers over an Internet network and/or further better human communications for regular updates, it is risky, time consuming, and cash costly. Therefore, to have a personal website listing one’s public contact info, and private communication icons (ID alike 4-leg Table: email address, domain name, website pointer, phone number, bilingual literate set, 2D key graphics, etc.), is a good idea for the very first human-human authentication to partially avoid identity theft and to enable the direct information communications. The ONE hereby may mean a Master, who holds the secret keys to access one’s ownself human group.


When there are lots of messages to be communicated and there exist lots of message receivers with unknown potential interests and convenient time, then personal website again plays its main roles. Subsequently, these are the main aims for the creation of this personal web space. It is for public sharing with those who are interested with Kok-Wah Lee and Xpree Li’s personal collections, including some of my copyrighted original and novel literary works.


For those who need a private and confidential communications channel, then ones may prepare another set of private contact info other than the set of public contact info. To emphasize here, it is important to let other people to be able to contact each of us, because everyone of us is special with some unique features.


Come! Don’t live on an isolated cosmic island.

Let’s prepare a website acting as an island to enable others to use a networked computer as the spaceship to sail through the Internet to reach our mind set.

Of course, when we are free, we shall also visit others’ cosmic island in the Internet.


Here, one may consider Yahoo! Geocities and Google Pages to prepare the very first personal website by creating the first fixed-name file called “index.htm” or “index.html”, optionally from Microsoft Word. Upon website transfer, then fixed-name file called “default.htm” or “default.html” is in favors. For balance of forces, one may choose another web hosting services provider in other language to do segmentation of Set Theory, so as to observe clearly the skeleton-prone monolinguals and/or directional bilinguals. For instance, the Chinese language keyword for web hosting is: website (网域), domain name (域名), login space (网站), email (电邮).


Conditions of Usages, especially regarding the moral rights and intellectual properties:

Due to the relatively high research costs invested by the author, for refund, as well as for building up a fund for further maintenance, research and development, any copyrighted original and novel idea conceptions from the author is only free of usage for non-commercial purposes such as public interests, press report, media broadcasting, legal proceedings, private study, within-bounds research, and flora-wise teaching (CN: 桃花梅树) throughout the World, with the condition that proper originality citation for source references has been clearly shown. Yet for any commercial usage, prior consent has to be obtained from the author or his successor(s).


Fulfillment of Exclusion list:

The copyright users agree that the entities in the exclusion list are banned to use the copyrights as like restricted country list in the passport and defense list in the patent licensing. <Click here>


About Xpree Li & His Jottings for Discoveries and Ideas (Since 16 August 2009):

[1] Xpree Li’s homepage for self introduction. <Click here>

[2] Xpree Li’s jottings from his discoveries and ideas for the knowledge enlightenment of human civilizations. <Click here>


Xpree Li’s Literary Collections:

[1] Xpree Li’s copyrighted collections. <Click here>

[2] Xpree Li’s collections of others’ works. <Click here>

[3] Xpree Li’s literary subnet on His Goods for Money-wise Honors, in Chinese or English language (ZWEN). <Click here>

[4] Xpree Li’s spotnews subnet in Zwenigo language. <Click here>

[5] ……


Contact Info:

For enquiry, please use one or many of the contact info. <Click here>

For website download, one can try the software like BackStreet Browser. <Click here>


Language Translation (语文翻译):

[1] On-line Chinese Tools:

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[3] Google Translate:;

[4] Google Language Tools:

[5] Yahoo! Babel Fish:


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E. & O. E., + E. = Errors and Omissions Exempted, plus Estimations


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