Lee-ECJL Cultural Conflicts

(April 2000 – at least June 2013 at Varsity Telekom land granted) (2015.01 to 2015.10 on Defined Code 0101)


Purpose of this File:

This file lists the Kok-Wah Lee @ Xpree Li’s philosophical recognition areas against his cultural enemies HG1-ECGL.

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To use my copyrighted works, I firstly emphasize on righteous moral (relevant Chinese type: 玄德 meaning blue moral), secondly intellectual understanding (relevant Chinese type: 智谋 meaning strategy or strategies), thirdly reader trust when concepts are proven from experiments and daily facts, as well as fourthly mutual trust when reader is able to convey the proven hypotheses and facts up to certain degrees of correct percentages, detected and/or corrected errors to the author for further interaction, improvement, refinement, and enhancement.


What is HG1-ECJL?

[1] HG1 = Human Group 1 in “exclusion list” file. <Click here>

[2] ECJL = Hong-Tat Ewe, Hean-Teik Chuah, Ghauth bin Jasmon, Heng-Siong Lim.


Cultural Conflicts between XKWLee & HG1-ECJL: Causes & Effects

[1] The Internet nature, human natural needs between males & females, and the handling of sexy, sexual, & pornography photos are the first few bombs triggering the cultural conflicts between XKW Lee and ECJL the HG1 (Human Group 1) (or HG1-ECJL) since April 2000.

[2] Further firewood and fireworks to have been keeping those Lee-ECJL conflicts prolonging, from August 2001 till now June 2013, are their branch-out understanding concepts on money, cash, and human labour time.

[3] For more enquiries on the arenas and effects of those Lee-ECJL conflicts and their arenas, please refer to the following parts in this file.


Arenas of Lee-ECJL Cultural Conflicts

Created on 01Jul2013.

[1] XKW Lee versus (vs.) HT Ewe: Arena is, shall be, and will be in China Mainland, separately surrounded in provinces called Guangdong, Zhejiang, & Heilongjiang.

[2] XKW Lee vs. HT Chuah: Arena is their career field(s) or yin field(s) (CN: 阴田), where XKW Lee the Zhongwen cryptologist is against HT Chuah the Microwave Image Processor.

[3] G Jasmon vs. XKW Lee: Arena is in UK/GB, pointed by British countrywide keywords UK (United Kingdom) and GB (Great Britain).

[3a] The UK word supported by the British career kings has a human node inside called G Jasmon the IET British Fellow.

[3b] IET = Institution of Engineering & Technology

[3c] The GB word supported by the XKW Lee would like to give here a few other closely related keywords: human natural needs, sexual reproduction, BiG, memorizable, mnemonics.

[3d] The word UK against (vs.) GB has also caused the recent undergoing referendum(s) to be held in UK/GB, in the coming year 2014, on the separation issue of Scotland from UK/GB.

[4] HS Lim vs. XKW Lee: Arena is in Malaya Peninsula, separately surrounded in a state called Melaka, where time is the golden testers over their chosen main components, on HS Lim’s human labour time against XKW Lee’s money.

[5] XKW Lee has to inform earlier also at here that either party might enter, leave away and/or re-enter into the arena(s), legally, illegally, willfully, or compulsorily.

[6] The possible climaxes of the war period for Lee-ECJL cultural conflicts may be in synchronization with the World War III (WW3) period, as once predicted by a Bulgarian prophetess called Baba Vanga, that is and will be from November 2010 to October 2014.


Prolonged Mistaken Code Number 101 of Lee-ECJL Cultural Conflicts

(Cash paid by Bachelors’ Borrowed Monetary Notes)

Created on 17Oct2015.

[1] XKW Lee’s monetary token defines the code number 101 in ratio of females to males at approximately one (1) to one (1), for His computer communications networks.

[2] That is: #Humans = [male(1) : female(1)] * 2 + Oligarchy(3).

[3] In other K. Lee’s words, it means 0101 shall be ‘0’ as female and ‘1’ as male, whereby there are about a double gender pairs.

[4] The code 101 in His mindset is a prime integer, after one hundred units, added up by another one unit, to perform the unique operations of anonymity in Internet communications.


[5] Meanwhile, the HG1(ECJL) has their group labour time, used to define as there should be all males in next layers, connected to KW Lee’s past office computer at UTSB.

[6] The number 101 in HG1 timer was that to use definition: Inside the campus closed loop, there could only be a maximum of 101 members at KW Lee’s research field, personally and insider-wise only, before forceful authorization on charged thesis became effective outside KW Lee’s varsity habitat(s).

[7] So over here, KW Lee emphasizes that the licensed bachelor degree holders, at one hundred and twenty (120) individuals, under His scepter (CN: 权杖), are all inside His Bachelor degree polygons, edged and might be intersected (6 licenses: 3 double honors or 6 single honor) by two 2D shapes, due to TWO units of His registered research projects (SJM-field on woven news, JYM-field on secret keys) at 18.0 GB each.

[8] Thus, a university should have drawn clear boundaries to differentiate between the repeatable bachelor faculty, and time capped 5-year research academy.

[9] The Lee-ECJL cultural conflicts shall have been ended at KW Lee account side, whenever those SIX (6) intersected licenses have gained cash MYR$1.50 million by KW Lee’s honored bachelor holder(s) as wage or salary, to be in balance sheets to settle off the cash MYR$1.50 million (or an equation weight at 0.5 GB) maximally to be paid to KW Lee the MYR$ Holder & Time Investor.


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Created on 01 July 2013

Updated on 17 October 2015