Exclusion List from Using the Copyrighted Ideas 【嬴政·之·度量衡】

logX(Y) where X = { Unit per mother set: x = reserves parts alike 2 or 3 }, Y = { Flourishing species in a niche: y = additive set alike [A (*) B^(-1)] = 1 mod 4  }.

Example: log8(96) = log8(6 * 16) = 1 + log8(8*1.5) = 2.1949 875 (From 2nd World War to 1949AD on China Cracked(#person * R$1) to August 1975 the Wood Rabbit Lunar Year.) (18Aug2016).


Purpose of this File:

This file lists the XpLi @ Gogosan’s self-defense system from his enemies.

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(29Jan2013). To use my copyrighted works, I firstly emphasize on righteous moral (relevant Chinese type: 玄德 meaning blue moral), secondly intellectual understanding (relevant Chinese type: 智谋 meaning strategy or strategies), thirdly reader trust when concepts are proven from experiments and daily facts, as well as fourthly mutual trust when reader is able to convey the proven hypotheses and facts up to certain degrees of correct percentages, detected and/or corrected errors to the author for further interaction, improvement, refinement, and enhancement.


Part V (Privy: 枢密区): Exclusion List 1:

Revised on Wednesday 18Aug2016 (映三丙申年七月十五日中元节).


(29Jan2013-01Jul2016). N.B. (Nota Bene): MMU (Multimedia University, Malaysia) 【庠弁当涯(崖);词音XiangBian dangYa, UTSB (Universiti Telekom Sendirian Berhad); UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia),

UM (University of Malaya, Malaysia) 【衙语库学;词音 YaYu kuXue, USM (Universiti Sains Malaysia, Malaysia), CLHS (Chung Ling High School, Malaysia),

PYSS (Pei Yuan Secondary School, Malaysia) 【旆元华中;词音 PeiYuan huaZhong,

UTAR (Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia) 【万紫当学】, UOB (United Overseas Bank, Malaysia),

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA) 【觅提书馆;词音 MiTi shuGuan.


(29Jan2013). [1] Hereby on 29 January 2013, which is two to three days since the Taoism NanShan /NanYue Day (Chinese: 南山诞、即是南岳诞) on 27 January 2013, Me the Kok-Wah Lee and Xpree Li, would like to call for an exclusion list, with effective from 27 March 2013 (a Wednesday) onwards till an unknown date, on a Human Group 1 [HG1] having four natural members [G01-G04], so as to remove any of their actions to take part in any of my intellectual properties, and further any of my knowledge strength forming a field (Chinese: ).


[2] Human Group 1 [HG1] (or short-termed HG1-ECJL) {

[G01] Hong-Tat Ewe (尤芳达), a Malaysia male citizen, CLHS alumnus, UM alumnus & staff, MMU alumnus & staff, UTAR staff, MIT representative in Malaysia circa year 2000, First MMU PhD Thesis Writer.

[G02] Hean-Teik Chuah (蔡贤德), a Malaysia male citizen, CLHS alumnus, UM alumnus & staff, MMU staff, UTAR staff, Fellow Establishing MMU.

[G03] Ghauth bin Jasmon, a Malaysia male citizen, UM staff, MMU staff, Fellow Founding MMU.

[G04] Heng-Siong Lim (林行祥), a Malaysia male citizen, UTM alumnus, MMU alumnus & staff, UTSB/MMU authorized hacker within UTSB/MMU domain.



[3] Human Group 1 [HG1] has been so troublesome and time wasting to K.-W. Lee, because of a legal entity called UTSB that Persons [G01-G04] are deeply involved in. UTSB is the holder of a trade name called MMU. Persons [T01-T02] being a couple are the Trust Guarantors of UTSB. From the concept in Western Chess, Person [T01] was also once for many years the Official Speaker for Malaysian Fellows voting for political party under Person’s [T01] leadership.

[T01] Mahathir bin Mohamad, a Malaysia male citizen, husband to Siti Hasmah, Malaysia Prime Minister years 1981-2003.

[T02] Siti Hasmah binti Mohd Ali, a Malaysia female citizen, MMU staff, Mahathir’s wife.


[4] For the remaining K.W. Lee’s identities at UTSB, now within UTSB domain (Chinese: 结界 meaning magical world), almost all are under the first identity called Lecturer; and some research works under the second identity called Inventor for a Malaysia utility model filed in May 2007, in which is now on an anonymous MMU-linked Fellow’s shipboard as a cargo. Since May 2009 till even now, K.-W. Lee’s standpoint has been asking UTSB board of directors to terminate his job as Lecturer, and compensate K.-W. Lee for any withheld pay on his labour time services since May 1999, soonest possible.


[5] (01Jul2013). Since 27 March 2013 upon a time the Dennis Ritchie the C Language Father’s funeral, for communities in UTSB or its trade name MMU, to avoid any misunderstanding, all the community members, in individual or group mode, have to firstly obtain K.-W. Lee’s written permission, before any MMU community member can use any one of K.-W. Lee’s published works or novelty claim.


[6] Persons [6.1-6.7] are still under K.-W. Lee’s observation list, due to their close cooperation with Human Group 1 [HG1] since August/ September 2001, in which is close to the Tragedy 911 in USA. Since year 2001 for more than a decade, those Persons [6.1-6.7] have been claiming, personally and orally for many times, that they want to punish the lustful males, and to help Person [G04] that there shall be not even a single pornography photo in the computer network or Internet in this Human World. Under each of the Persons [6.1-6.7], there exist human sub-groups formed by them to have records orally attacking K.-W. Lee before. Thus, Persons [6.1-6.7] can only be excused by K.-W. Lee when they become a Dirty Witness to have shown the Name Lists and Dirty Evidence.

[6.1] Way-Soong Lim, a Malaysia male citizen, MMU alumnus & staff, Melaka local.

[6.2] Che-Sheng Gan (颜志胜), a Malaysia male citizen, UM alumnus & staff, MMU staff.

[6.3] Eng-Kiong Wong (黄英强?), a Malaysia male citizen, MMU staff, Melaka local.

[6.4] Tuck-Meng Lim (林德明), a Malaysia male citizen, CLHS alumnus (?), UM alumnus & staff, MMU staff, UTAR staff.

[6.5] Shiao-Lin Beh, a Malaysia male citizen, USM alumnus, MMU student & staff.

[6.6] Yin-Weng Chan (陈彦荣), a Malaysia male citizen, PYSS alumnus, UTM alumnus & Heng-Siong Lim’s coursemate, Kampar local.

[6.7] Junaidah binti Abu, a Malaysia female citizen, MMU staff, timetable keeper of an MMU faculty.


[7] Upon K.-W. Lee’s inspection into their minds on their hatred of pornography pictures, the language seed in the mindset of those Persons [HG1, 6.1-6.7], whom are all literate in Malayan language, is “SALAH”, which means wrong deed in Malayan language, and has Cantonese language euphony “晒乸 +hai4” (English: to show female’s bottom private part).


[8] For more than a decade since September 2001 till now January 2013, K.-W. Lee’s investigation has the newest discoveries as presented in this webpage.

[9] … …


Part U (Uni-port Account: 参议会): Exclusion List 2:

Created on Wednesday 18Aug2016 (映三丙申年七月十五日中元节).

[1] This part banned or filtered apart the defeated roles in Star Wars the Movies Series (电影系列:星球大战), coined as Galaxy Senate Dark Speaker (黑帝) and Commander of Dark Jedi (黑武士长).

[2] If it were combined set of GSS and CDJ, it would perform the runaways of high-tech production of currency notes Unique #features(20)*1%$.

[3] Consecutive problems will them be triggered and put on the chemical materials researcher, especially fresh and equipment needy.

[4] An entitled book called “Fire Spirit Field 3” (《火灵田三》) at page 34, termed the identified enemy group as Black Tiger Gossip Trap (黑虎散谣阵).


[5] The exemplified real characters were banned at below into Exclusion List 2:

[5.1] The Former Malay Chief Judge Zaki bin Azmi, who passed his Legal #Opinions(2) formally from his law office to the MY Parliament (Upper, Lower) Chambers.

[5.1.1] Z. Azmi the CJ Opinion Giver: (a) Salary paid to Worker were in Fellow Ghauth Jasmon’s GBP$ pocket. (b) Malaysia inspector did duty 20 year at most.

[5.2] The Insurance Agent serviced by Z. Azmi the Telekom Varsity Hon. Chancellor, as Black Color Flag (十全黑色旗) opened multiplier x10001 twice.

[5.2.1] Instances: Annual salary paid to a bachelor degree was $0.1 million, but insurance multiplier to $1.0 billion (十亿元、或十桶金的10GB) ahead to share trades.

[5.3] Those banned roles were:

            (a) Senate Speaker such as a Chief Judge, who mails legal opinions away to parliamentary committee.

            (b) Second Confirmative Senator, who holds the cheque account to have kidnapped the latest currency notes ($$$20 #hi-tech) in needy uses.

            (c) Speculative insurance agent, whom splits the water nor fire societal levels, and talks merely in MYR$ x10001 in the black military region (黑色军事界).

            (d) Downstairs and/or Upstairs Personnel 【上下级從】 along Judge cum Chancellor the Original Sins Causal 【金行旗色:原罪主谋】.


[6] Senate Speaker’s word and Second Senator confirmatively each gambled foreword thesis 10GB *2 on the casino table, showed Poker hands in balance with the Counterpart 20GB.

[7] From the Chinese language kingdom, there can only be one lasting auditory Chinese character to do account clearance for 2-column accounts closure.

[7.1] Example(CN): Zhejiang (浙江) are 2-column accounts, and ZHE () is the repeated Chinese word for last audit annually, decade-wise or century-sense.

[7.2] Example(EN): Only two (2) English alphabets/words for 2-column account initially, and a last English alphabet/word for account closure on auditing aims.


[8] Whenever the last card (5th) has been opened in a Poker Game (啤牌), as according to the rule “bigger Ju.Efficiency.LY(12.25) (~ chief ! ) takes all”, then the ratio is 5 to 2 or (50 : 20) to win side dishes.

[9] From 21Aug2013 (映三周元·癸辰年七月十五日) to 18Aug2016 (映三週3·丙申年七月十五日;皆三元节之·地元), the lapses of 3-year first quadratic gapping rope 【拔河绳索·幺索;俗语“捉麻雀”。】, there fixes two meaningful Chess castles, where one was in China South Tropic (南回归线23度以下), and the other is along the American West Coast (美国西海岸).

[10] Example of meaningful castles in Western Chess, or Ju (棋枚:車) in Chinese Chinese, are one of Honesty CodeS: Vowel Mottoes (AEIOU).

[11] … …


Types of Exclusion List:

(01Jul2013). There are currently three types of exclusion [E.1-E.3]:

[E.1] First type: For people banned under the HG1 [G01-G04], they are not allowed to act as merchant nor customer of author’s IP (Intellectual Property). Even after written application with reasons to show causes, there is no consideration.

[E.2] Second type: For other people under the banned list [Rnn, like R20], they are not allowed to act as merchant of author’s IP (Intellectual Property). Even after written application with reasons to show causes, there is no consideration as merchant but customer.

[E.3] Third type: For other people under the monitoring list [Mnn, like M20], they are allowed to act as customer of author’s IP (Intellectual Property), but not as merchant. However after written application with reasons to show causes, there is consideration for them to be a merchant.


Details of Old Exclusion List (Years 2009-2011):

For enquiry to the old exclusion list (years 2009-2011), please refer to the files here:

[1] Short notice <Click here>

[2] Detailed notice <Click here>


Effective Ban Period:

In case of human network conflicts, it is good to have written words and direct group communications for those involved rather than indirect voice communications to avoid malicious originating sources, faulty messengers, unfair biases, and propagated errors in the process of dispute communications. In other words, to avoid breakdown of human relationship, please make written declaration on who are those under the ban list of an individual. Some of those related nouns for this type of action are proclamation, manifestation, repentance, etc. Of course, ban list has each banned person to carry a ban period. The ban period depends on one’s past, present, and future actions to have caused damages, their severity, and potential negative effects. At first, it is normally a written warning asking for explanation to show cause. These written records are also good to act as historical materials for future investigations by future interested generations.


In short, there are no forever friendship as friend pair, and partnership as partner pair.

Likewise, there are no forever enmity as enemy pair, and hostility as opposing pair.


Cultural Conflicts between XKWLee & HG1-ECJL: Causes & Effects

[0] Created on 01Jul2013.

[1] The Internet nature, human natural needs between males & females, and the handling of sexy, sexual, & pornography photos are the first few bombs triggering the cultural conflicts between XKW Lee and ECJL the HG1 (Human Group 1) (or HG1-ECJL) since April 2000.

[2] Further firewood and fireworks to have been keeping those Lee-ECJL conflicts prolonging, from August 2001 till now June 2013, are their branch-out understanding concepts on money, cash, and human labour time.

[3] For more enquiries on the Lee-ECJL conflicts and their arenas, please refer to another file. <Click here>


Contact Info:

For enquiry, please use one or many of the contact info. <Click here>



This page contains Chinese characters. 【错误、遺漏、预计:皆卻(却)千里】

E. & O. E. = Errors and Omissions Exempted

E. & O. E., + E. = Errors and Omissions Exempted, plus Estimations


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