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Purpose of this File:

This file lists the others’ copyrighted works from Kok-Wah Lee @ Xpree Li.

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To use others’ copyrighted works, please check with their public messages, be it overt and/or covert.


To use my copyrighted works, I firstly emphasize on righteous moral, secondly intellectual understanding, thirdly reader trust when concepts are proven from experiments and daily facts, as well as fourthly mutual trust when reader is able to convey the proven hypotheses and facts up to certain degrees of correct percentages, detected and/or corrected errors to the author for further interaction, improvement, refinement, and enhancement.


Conditions of Usages, especially regarding the moral rights and intellectual properties:

Proper originality citation for source references has to be clearly shown for honour recognition, historical remembrance, easy proofreading, maintenance, refinement, and enhancement.


Xpree Li’s Collections of Others’ Works:

[1] Anonymous. (1997, July 31). “The Urgency of Education Reformation” (看教育改革的逼切性). Nanyang Siang Pau (南洋商报), Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. [A newspaper article in Chinese language]. Download (file may be printed to best size using IrfanView the imaging software).

Note 1: Discussing on the winners’ age ranges of Nobel prizes on the gains of fruitful idea conceptualization.

Note 2: According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), a human male has code number eight (8) and a human female has code number (7) for their lifelong growth cycles, in the age counting of Chinese agricultural calendar.

[2] More are coming soon after August 2010.


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Created on 14 March 2009

Updated on 26 February 2010