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Xpreeli Enterprise is a micro-scale Internet business registered on 18 February 2008 in Malaysia. It is a sole proprietorship carrying a business registration number of MA0120529-T. In the coming months, products and services in the field of information security will be offered for sale. Majority of the products are pending for the patent protection in Malaysia and overseas geo-political regions. In the coming years, Xpreeli Enterprise aims to be a successful ISV (Independent Software Vendor) and IHV (Independent Hardware Vendor).

            For the mean time to avoid burdening globally localized accounting systems, complicated international taxation systems in each particular geo-political region, as well as international business and company registrations, Kok-Wah Lee (hereafter K.W. Lee, Malaysia NRIC (Citizen): 750821-08-5447), being an inventor cum author to promote this creative type of IP (Intellectual Property) commerce in this knowledge economy era, would like to minimize the commercial operating costs first to act as an individual creative worker to report the sufficient income for tax, if any, under the taxation category of individual tax. In case this IP commerce has emerged to be sufficiently big, then corporate tax may be considered under the business and/or company registration. So, currently K.W. Lee is leasing the trade mark of “Xpreeli Enterprise” as a unique name to differentiate his products from the others to do promotion of individual IP to lease out his created IP, especially novel copyright.


Fulfillment of Exclusion list:

The copyright users agree that the entities in the exclusion list are banned to use the copyrights as like restricted country list in the passport and defense list in the patent licensing. <Click here>


Sale Commissions:

To promote sale, agent(s), who can realize any sale contract and licensing agreement for the products and services in this business, will be compensated by a minimum commission rate of 2% throughout the validity of the business.


Currently Available Products for Sale & Limited Freeware Distribution:

[1] Patent licensing of hacking-free data storage by using an innovated DIP switch. <Click here>

[2] Patent licensing and copyrighted software of 2-dimensional key (2D Key) and multihash key. <Click here>

[3] Patent licensing and copyrighted software of 2-factor multimedia key (Token Key) and multihash key. <Click here>

[4] Patent licensing and copyrighted software of Mobile ECC (Elliptic Curve Cryptosystem) using MePKC (Memorizable Public-Key Cryptography) and its applications in information engineering. <Click here>

[5] Patent licensing and copyright licensing of Chinese language seeds for Chinese polyalphabetic cipher (中文多字母式密码). [R1] <Click here>

[6] Wholesale of copyright licensing for a highly dependent functioning article called “Short Decision Making” (《近打定真假》). <Click here>


Currently Available Products for Unlimited Freeware Distribution:

[1] Guanyin Qian software to divine the future destiny by relying the accuracy on one’s honesty. <Click here>


Currently Available Copyrighted Literary Works for Conditional Distribution:

[1] Analysis seed for Chinese lexeme amount to understand Chinese newspaper articles. <Click here>



[R1] Kok-Wah Lee, “Method and System to Create Chinese Language Seeds from Most Frequently Used Characters and Their Applications”, Patent Application [No.: PI 2010000029], Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia (MyIPO), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Filing Date: 05 January 2010, Assignee: LEE Kok Wah.


Contact Info:

For enquiry, please use one or many of the contact info. <Click here>

For website download, one can try the software like BackStreet Browser. <Click here>


Language Translation (语文翻译):

[1] On-line Chinese Tools:

[2] Chinese-English Dictionary:

[3] Google Translate:;

[4] Google Language Tools:

[5] Yahoo! Babel Fish:


This page contains Chinese characters.

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Created on 09 July 2008

Updated on 08 February 2012